KRI-ZAL Bike Day – Krizevci-Zalakaros Bike Marathon 21/06/2019

Details of the Event:

  • Organizer: Teker Sportiroda Kft. – Kuzler Béla (+36 30 393-2717)
  • Distance: 132 Km
  • Elevation: 870 m
  • Route difficultyl: easy
  • Start: Križevci
  • Finish: Zalakaros
  • Date and time: 2019.06.21. – 10 am (Friday)
  • Route: GPX
  • Registration: until  2019.06.09
  • Registration fee: participation, refreshments, lunch and travel are FREE of charge!
  • Participants of the tour can register for free for any Sundays event of the Tour de Zalakaros!
  • Attention: limited number of 50 participants!
  • Download registration form here.

You can enter the marathon by filling in and sending  the registration form to


  • 7:30 am assembly point at Yankos Bike Shop in Nagykanizsa
  • 8:00 am departure for Križevci by bus, the transport of the bicycles is provided by the organisers
  • 10:00 start
  • 12:30 arrival at Botovo, lunch at Pizzeria Kavalir
  • 13:30 departure for Zalakaros
  • 16:30 arrival
  • 17:30 transport of cyclists back to Nagykanizsa, Križevci, organisers also take care of the transport of bicycles
  • The bikers accomplishing the marathon will be awarded a diploma.

 The tour crosses state borders, please carry a valid passport or identity card with you!

Conditions of the participation:

  • The tour can only be completed at a predetermined time.
  • To be able to take part in the marathon, it is inevitable for the bikers to have the necessary physical strength and stamina as well as the participant’s bicycle must be in appropriate technical condition. The expected average speed will be 27-30 km/h.
  • Refreshments are provided during the whole tour, water, energy drinks, cereal bars can be taken from the accompanying car.
  • The tour is organized under all weather conditions, unless the weather conditions threaten the participants safety.
  • Map: Hungarian and Croatian road map
  • The tour is not a race, as the event uses roads open to traffic you must always know, observe and comply with local laws, everyone takes part in it at his own risk.
  • Highway Code rules must be obeyed.
  • It is prohibited to overtake the follow-me car.
  • Wearing a helmet is mandatory.
  • The organization does not take any responsibility for any accident occurring during the tour. The organization will not held liable for any damage whatsoever that may occur directly and/or indirectly to you or other parties.

By registering for the marathon:

  • you accept the terms of registration
  • you accept the route indicated by the organisers
  • you confirm to obey the Highway Code rules
  • you confirm to take part in the tour at your own risk


Please enter a valid email address.

Teker Sportiroda Kft.

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Tax code: 23181795-1-20
Registration number: 20-09-071423
Bank account number:
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