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The Road Bike Marathon on 23rd June 2019 starts in Zalakaros and takes you to the most beautiful part of the Zala region along its 137 km. The 2019 route will be the same as it was in 2018.

The goal of the event: The route offers Hungarian and international cyclists a great opportunity to participate in a race and all amateur riders are welcome to the event which also helps us promote cycling sports. Even if you are new to cycling events or want to set yourself a personal challenge, this route is for you.

Venue and date: Zalakaros (Gyógyfürdő Square), 23rd June 2019.

Organizer: Teker Sportiroda Kft. e-mail:

Registration fee includes:

Thanks to our sponsors the value of the race package exceeds the registration fee.

  • chip timing
  • start number (printed with your name/nickname if given at online pre-registration)
  • prizes in categories you can find below
  • your start number entitles you to 1-time free entry in the Zalakaros Spa from 21st – 23rd June 2019 (basic ticket)

  • MAPEI cycling cap
  • High 5 Energy Gel 38g
  • 4 refreshment points during the race with food and drinks
  • fruits, cereal bars, bakery goods, isotonic drinks after the finish line
  • on-site medical services between 9:00 and 18:00
  • two service cars which move with the riders and offer technical support if needed. In case of a serious mechanic issue, they will take you to the finish line. Please keep in mind that the service cars are not taxis, they are there to help all participants
  • free access to photos taken during the event
  • Free entry at the Zobori Kid’s Ride children’s race which will be held on saturday
  • 27% VAT

ATTENTION: please mind that we cannot separate the middle and the long distance so our system will ask you about the size of the T-Shirt, but the registration fee will not include that in 2019, but we will give you a MAPEI cycling cap.

Registration fee:

  • From 1 November 2018 till 15 January 2019 – 9000 HUF (online pre-registration)
  • From 16 January 2019 till 15 June 2019 – 10000 HUF (online pre-registration)
  • On-site registration: 10000 HUF (in this case no official event cycling cap included in the start package)

ATTENTION: please mind that the time of sending the registration fee takes priority instead of date when you registrate.

Registration process, place and time of taking over start packages

  • Venue: on all three days (see below): Zalakaros (Gyógyfürdő Square)
  • Registration: online, the registrartion form will be available soon.
  • On-site registration: 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm on Friday, 21 June 2019, 10:00 am -7:00 pm on Saturday,  22 June 2019, 8:00 am – 09:30 am on Sunday, 23 June 2019


  • 1:30 pm – First racer arrives in Zalakaros
  • 4:30 pm – Award ceremony and prize draw

Route information:

  • slow start at 11:00 am, 4 km long
  • length and elevation gain: 137 km and 880 m

  • Route: Zalakaros Gyógyfürdő square (Start)- Galambok – Nagyrécse – Palin – Újudvar – Gelse – Zalaszentbalázs – Börzönce – Szentliszló – Pusztamagyaród – Gutorfölde – Tófej – Bak – Zalaszentmihály – Pötréte – Felsőrajk – Pacsa – Dióskál – Zalaszabar – Zalakaros Panorama Tower – Zalakaros Gyógyfürdő Square (Finish)
  • Refreshment points: Gelse hilltop (only water and isotonic drinks), Börzönce hilltop
  • Hill stages: Gelse, Börzönce, Pusztamagyaród, Zalakaros Panorama Tower

Timekeeping: timekeeping is provided with chips. The results will be available at the venue and on our homepage (in downloadable format)


  • Absolute first three in Men and Women categories – medal, coup, gift prize
  • 16-18 years age group first three in Men and Women categories – medal, coup, gift prize
  • 19-39 years age group first three in Men and Women categories – medal, coup, gift prize
  • 40-49 years age group first three in Men and Women categories – medal, coup, gift prize
  • 50-59 years age group first three in Men and Women categories – medal, coup, gift prize
  • above 60 years age group first three in Men and Women categories – medal, coup, gift prize
  • The oldest racer (both man and woman) finishing the route – medal, coup, gift prize
  • The youngest racer (both man and woman) finishing the route – medal, coup, gift prize
  • On all 4 hill stages the three fastest racers can collect 3-2-1 points. After the finish line we add up these points and the absolute winner gets a special coup and a gift prize.

Further provisions:

  • Only cyclists with an official start number issued by the organisers can take part in the race. Entering the start line is allowed only with a valid start
  • No restrictions for bicycle types (road bike, MTB, Trekking, Cross, etc.) except recumbent bikes. Time trial handlebars are not allowed, riding them can result in exclusion before/during the race.
  • All cyclists ride at their own risk and must follow all the rules set in the race rules and in the Hungarian Highway Code.
  • Wearing a helmet during the race is compulsory!
  • The organisers may not be held responsible and may not be obliged to pay compensation for any accidents and injuries that are a result of rule violations or health issues
  • All participants are obliged to put the provided start number on their bikes and/or
  • We reserve the right to change the route!
  • All participants accept that they have to know the route of the race. During the race they have to follow the signposts and markings determined by the organisers. In case the official race cars make a mistake in the route, the organisers can not be held responsible for the mistake and may not be obliged to provide any
  • Warning: the race does not take place on a fully closed route, but the event will get assistance from the police as well as traffic calming
  • Racers must be at least 16 years old.


Participant declaration:

  • I participate in the event at my own risk.
  • I am healthy and physically prepared for the race.
  • I agree to medical examination if necessary, and I accept and follow the medical staff’s instructions.
  • I accept that the organiser is not responsible for any health or property damages that result from the violation of rules or from other above mentioned reasons and I am aware that I am not entitled to request the race organisers financiaI compensation or other applicable claims for injuries or accidents during the race, or in case of my absence from the race.
  • I give my consent to appear in any photo and video documentation made during the event and I do not request any compensation for this (even if these photos or video recordings are used for marketing purposes).
  • After your payment, we cannot apply any refund.

For any further information please contact: